Handbag Buying Guide

Considering the massive number of options, shopping for a handbag can be a daunting task. And to help you with it, we have put together a checklist that, if kept properly, will certainly make buying a handbag a lot easier. Keep reading!



Determine what service you expect out of your handbag and then shop accordingly. Do you need it solely for fashion or for daily up-down to work, short errands or grocery shopping, long strenuous travel or just carrying cards and money? Whatever it is, there are lots of designs including the tote bag, shoulder strap bag, beach bag, backpacks, laptop bags, clutches, and more handbags under various brands that are designed to serve specific purposes.


Color & Design

Though it is the least of concerns, it cannot be overlooked completely. Besides knowing the purpose, you also want people to give compliments for the design and color of the bag you carry. Relax knowing that there are a variety of options from which you can choose one, or even more.



Do not be overwhelmed by the sheer magnetism with which the handbag may enthrall you but likewise, consider its safety aspects with as much carefulness with which you examine it on design and appearance. Give attention to the robustness of the zippers and placement of the outside pockets. Make sure they provide safety whenever they may be needed the most. Furthermore, try out how firmly these zippers are knitted with the bag; they should not come off at the slightest pressure.



Whatever size and weight the handbag is, ensure that it feels comfortable in hand or on your shoulder for you to carry it around for long hours. Sling it on your shoulder, hold it in your hand and walk around for some time while holding on to it. Consider if its strap will not slip off (but hold on to) each kind of outfits you own and wear regularly. Moreover, ensure that the strap is adjustable allowing you to change the drop length as and when needed.



Once you have settled for a handbag, examine the bag for any glitches on its fabrics, leather or materials. Confirm if it is the way you want it to be. Carrying it should make you feel it will last for a good couple of years. The strap has to be able to carry a full bag's weight without giving any trouble to your shoulder.


Of course, there will be no second thought if you go along with this checklist and will end up getting a long-lasting and beautiful handbag in your collections. Happy buying! Be cautious of fake designer handbags! To purchase quality bags, please visit Bleu Raine.