Ideas For a Summer Date Night That Cost Less Than $25

date night- art.JPG

Summer is the time to stretch your arms and welcome romance. Even when the budget is tight, you can find countless options for things to do during the summer time. The most interesting part is that you don't need to look too far to find fun and inexpensive date ideas. If you have been longing a summer date night that won’t bust the bank, here are some fantastic ideas under $25 that are sure to power up the romance in your relationship.


Plan a Disposable Camera Day

Instead of Instagramming, put down your smartphone and buy a disposable camera. It is the grand strategy to unplug while still capturing interesting and valuable memories. The craft-savvy among us could even transform the snapshots into a scrapbook to present as an anniversary or holiday gift.


Attend a Book Reading

Coffee shops and local pubs organize readings that showcase poetry, novels, short stories, and biographies. Upcoming works could even feature the writer in a Q&A or speech afterward. Extra benefit if you bump into a work of literary fiction—studies reveals that reading them can assist in enhancing social skills.


Host a Fondue Night

This pot of melted goodness can be adapted to the sweet tooth or cheese addict. Whether going savory with some Gruyere or sweet with chocolate fondue, you don't have to buy a special fondue pot: Several tasty recipes sub in a Crock Pot or saucepan. Select a few healthy crudités like cauliflower, broccoli, and strawberries to maximize the benefits.


Partner Up with Other Couples for Pub Trivia

If you are both competitive, Pub Trivia can be a fun date idea. Before you head out, just be sure you eat dinner at home so that you won’t be tempted to shell out money on bar food. Perhaps you can ask for a cheap drink as you play for free. Go as a team of two or invite a few couples to join you. Just find out a location that features trivia in your area and switch to your game mood.


Host a Foreign Movie Night (With a Twist)

Play an international movie and ignore the subtitles. Rather, try speculating what is going on by simply watching the story-line progress. Most likely that high school French class would be helpful.


Exchange DIY massages

A session of relaxation is a delightful way to reward yourself after a strenuous week at the workplace or a rigorous exercise. Numerous studies have confirmed that massages help to reduce stress, relieve pain, and enhance mood. The good news is that you can easily reinvent an exorbitant spa outing with any essential oil along with a few lit candles to create the romantic atmosphere.