Popular Trends In Birthday Parties For Teens

Parties and other social events become more common as children hit their teens. Therefore it is essential to make a little more of an effort with your teen's birthday parties — so that they do not give the impression of being too 'every day.'


Young people can be tough to please at times, so it is important to get the birthday girl or boy involved in every step of the way — otherwise whatever you pick will most likely be wrong. For a teenager, a birthday celebration party is a chance for them to express their own personality. Moreover, trends come and go pretty fast for teenagers and stuff you felt they were into can quickly drop out of fashion and stop being trendy before you know it. Your child's choices will be determined by several factors, including what sort of parties their buddies are having and their entire developmental state and level of maturity.



Music and dancing are a major part of all teens’ birthday party and, for young girls at least, the outfits to wear and having hair and makeup done beforehand are equally as important as the major event itself. Create a bar space and serve some alcohol-free 'mocktails' in fanciful glasses and not just plastic cups so they feel more adult. Also include cocktail shakers, assorted garnishes, and perhaps simple cocktail recipe selections to enable them to participate and try making the drinks by themselves.

You can also consider holding the party somewhere other than your house, which further makes teenagers feel you are treating them more like grown-up folks and giving them more independence. Consider renting a boat, party bus, hotel suite or any other venue with a private room.


Above all, a birthday celebration party is an opportunity for teens to have fun. It is imperative for kids, in middle or high school, to be kids and have some fun. It is fine even for college kids to enjoy that mix of ‘little kid’ fun and grandeur at their parties. After all, it is a quite short duration of time before they become full-fledged adults.