The Best Skin Care Tips During Winter


The weather of the winter may be unsightly, but the atmosphere of your skin does not have to be. This article centers on how to care for dry skin and give your winter skin care procedure a boost. The days of winter are extremely cold and clear and they bring about more than just a rosy glow to the cheeks for many people. They also bring dryness that makes the skin, face, hands, and feet uncomfortable. The problem is even worse than just general tight and dry feelings for some people. When skin gets so dry, it results in flaking, cracking and even get the skin inflamed (eczema). As soon as the heat is turned indoors, the skin begins drying out. It does not even matter if you heat your home using oil, wood, or electricity. The skin still gets dry. Here are some of the tips for boosting your skin condition during winter so that your skin stays moist throughout the winter months.


1. Seek the Attention of a Beauty Specialist: The moment you take your time to visit your local drugstore, you’ll be prompted to find a salesperson who can give you a good advice. This is one of the reasons why visiting an esthetician or dermatologists even once is a good step to take. Such a specialist can analyze the type of your skin, troubleshoot your current skin regimen and give you various pieces of advice on the skin care products you should apply on your skin during winter. Some of the skin care products are expensive but the most important thing is how your skin responds to the product and how it feels, not how much the money you paid for it.


2. Moisturize your Skin: You may be lucky to find a moisturizer that works just fine in both spring and summer but as the atmospheric condition changes, your skin care routine must also change. Try to get in touch with “ointments” moisturizers that’s oil based rather than water based owns as the oil will leave a protective layer on the skin that retains more moisture than a cream or lotion. Be careful when choosing oils because not all oils are good for the face. Rather, look for oils that are non-clogging like the Avocado oil, primrose oil and mineral oil. Shea oil is controversial oil because that is capable of clogging pores of the face. Studies have also shown that Shea oil is really bad for the face “it would just sit on the skin and it would be really greasy”.


3. Avoid Wet gloves and Socks: Sock and gloves that are wet can irritate your skin and cause itching during winters. It can also cause cracking, sores or even flare up eczema. Try to avoid it to prevent the above implications.


4. Get your health hydrated and not the Skin: Drinking water helps to make your skin stay young looking. If you’ve been told once, you’ve heard a thousand times. In fact it’s a myth. Water according to studies is found good for overall health and the skin of one who is severely dehydrated will benefit greatly from fluids. The average person’s skin does not show the amount of water being drunk but it is advisable to take a lot of water as it hydrates the skin.

5. Grease up the Feet: Those lotions that are minty are in the hot summer month but during winter; your feet require stronger stuff. Try to search for lotions that are made up of petroleum jelly or instead glycerin. Try to also make use of exfoliants to get the dead skin off periodically. It also helps any moisturizer you use to sink in faster and deep into the skin.


There you have it! Some of the great tips and advises in keeping glowing skin during the days of cold winter.