Top Ways To Recycle Wedding Items


You spend a lot of money, energy and time to make sure things are all perfect for your wedding day. From the menu to the décor to your wedding dress, but what exactly happens when the wedding event ended, and you are left with all these great items? Here are top ways to reuse, re-purpose or recycle your big day items so that you do not let anything go to waste.


Wedding Dress

In spite of how much you adored that dress you will hardly find any other occasions you can wear an enormous white apparel, and after the wedding day lots of brides end up tucking their appraised wedding gown in the back of their closets never to bring it out again. There are several ways to recycle your wedding dress from donating it to charity or selling it off to re-purpose into another outfit or giving it out to a relative. You can as well take pieces of the dress and turn it to into pillows or perhaps a quilt to keep around your home for daily use.  Better still, you can earn some extra cash. Aside from eBay, there are many online niche markets for selling and buying wedding gowns. These sites act as go-between to help wedding brides recover at least some of the wedding cost.



You will be left with loads of flowers at the end of the day. From the centerpieces to bouquets, you cannot imagine how many flowers are really used on your wedding day.  Among the best ways to recycle your flowers is to hand it over to guests to take home at the end of the day. Also, you can donate them to a nursing home or local hospital. Inquire from your florist to find out if they have any plans with local business for this kind of donation.


Favors & Décor

More often than not favors and décor linger around as the fun of the night distracts invitees. You can avoid this waste by either declining favors or gathering up unused wedding items to sell or offer for free on wedding recycle sites.


All because your wedding night is over does not necessarily mean you should throw away all of your wedding items. There are lots of ways to recycle wedding day items you only need to get creative!