When to Toss Out Skincare and Makeup Products


Do a brief search of a woman's bathroom, and most likely you will come across jars of rarely applied facial cream, at least a tube of lip gloss squeezed within an inch of its life, and the remnant of a favorite powder blush. Irrespective of whether untouched, or consumed to the very last drop, swipe, or squeeze, these beauty products are occupying space as we want to get every single cent out of the treasured dollars we spent on them. But then, this hoarding practice has a hook: Skincare products do go bad. At best, they cease performing as efficiently as they used to; in worst case scenario, they can cause infections or irritations.

Unopened, well-formulated skin care products can remain stable for a few years at room temperature. However, the time begins once you bring an item home and open up it. The moment you expose the formulation to air, some ingredients start to oxidize and degrade. Not only this but each time you touch your cosmetics or skincare lotions and potions, you transfer germs to them — and later to your facial skin. Moisture and heat, which stimulate the growth of mold and yeast, are also factors. This is the reason the bathroom, though accessible, is not the best place to store cosmetics. Moreover, increased levels of airborne bacteria can contaminate skin care products. A cool, dry linen closet is a much better spot to store your beauty products.


What Happens to Your Skin When You Use Expired Cosmetics


All makeup and skin care products come with an expiration date, meaning that a lot of old containers are stored longer than they ought to. Even though slathering yourself with expired moisturizing lotion does not seem nearly as awful as sipping a cup of spoiled milk, the components still end up being absorbed by the skin. All-natural products have a relatively shorter shelf life than typical, drug-store products, which are usually filled with preservatives.

Now, this is the real danger. The molecules in these products can degenerate into something else entirely, and your skin may react to it thereby causing inflammation. The inflammation of the skin, also known as contact dermatitis, can subsequently lead to bumps, redness, a rash, or even swelling of the skin.

Your expired beauty products can also become a shelter to bacteria. As for your skin, this often means irritation and bumps that appear like acne breakouts. And when considering your eyes, this accumulation of bacteria can cause infections and pink eye. When it comes to lipstick, utilizing an expired one can result in swelling. Therefore as a basic rule, you should dispose your mascara every three months, eye shadow and eyeliner every 6 to twelve months, and lipstick every one and a half years. The average expiration date for powder, foundation, and other facial makeup is twelve months. On the product label, you can write the purchase date and when-to-toss-it so you can keep track of these dates.